• 1974

    In 1974, the pool had a major facelift

    and was virtually rebuilt. As the pool was now to be heated and chlorinated, the cost of the equipment to do this was prohibitive and this resulted in the pool being reduced in size to 20m x 8m.

    The modernisation was undertaken as part of a package of improvements to the village, such as the construction of the community centre on the site of the old railway station, and was funded by the government.

    To enable the pool to take advantage of the grants available, the control of the pool came under the umbrella of the Ingleton Rural Community Association, where it remains today.

  • 2005

    Further improvements were made in 2005

    Recent improvements have seen the filtration system upgraded in 2005. Ironically, the current equipment could now service the pool at its original size.

    A new changing block was officially opened in July 2005, boasting showering facilities, private changing booths and under floor heating. Some improvements to accessibility for disabled people have also taken place, with the introduction of a ramp to the entrance, and disabled changing/toilets.


  • 2013

    New seating and the terrace

    In 2013 the seating banks were upgraded and a high level seating area including tables and chairs was introduced.

  • Present day / Day to day running

    The Splash Zone

    The next chapter in the development of the pool will hopefully be the Splash Zone which we hope to undertake in next year, funding permitting.

    The pool now employs a Supervisor, Caretaker and Lifeguards as part of its operational requirements, but without the help of unpaid volunteers, who organise fund-raising, man swimming club sessions, some public sessions and maintain and clean the pool each season, the pool could not operate today or have survived over the years. It is to these unselfish, under recognised souls , both past and present, that this web site is dedicated.

    Present day / Day to day running